Rt. Rev. Archbishop Sebastian Francis Shaw

I am very happy to launch the new website of Catholic Board of Education Archdiocese of Lahore. As you know, education is the main focus and priority of our Archdiocese.

We want to provide quality education to our children so that they can become active and faithful members of the Church and useful citizens of Pakistan. I do hope that the new website will help to build a family-spirit of love, support and cooperation among all the educators of CBE school system. It can be a very useful tool to improve internal communication, share success stories and creative ideas and inspire new ways to raise the standard of education. Parents and students could also benefit from the website. I would specially stress that the website should not be the sole responsibility of CBE, but a collaborative effort of all the schools. I wish this venture all success and hope it will be a great step forward in achieving our vision and mission.

Catholic Board of Education Lahore

“Our vision is to work cooperatively with all communities to impart quality education to all, especially the poor and marginalized, so as to transform our nation into a model society, “a new heaven and a new earth” based on universal principles of justice, love, peace and freedom. .

Our Mission

Our committed focus is on education for life, integrity of creation, and development of the whole person, stressing moral values, such as self esteem, human dignity of each person, tolerance, spirit of service and social justice”


Improve leadership and accountability at all levels


Support with high quality school infrastructure


Ensure high quality teaching and learning in every classroom


Enable a conducive learning environment for students
Group lesson in pleasent atmosphere
Lessons with native
Real talk. Real life